Fall Color

Red is my favorite color 🥰

Proceed With Caution

I don’t tend to talk about this stuff, but I just wanted to touch on this. There are a lot of jokes lately about a certain someone abruptly abandoning his blog. Some jokes have even been celebratory in nature. I just want to remind everyone that silence is often the deadliest sound. Ask any parent.


It’s been a trying few days getting temporary solutions in place for the nursing and adminstrative staff at my Vandallia facility. Listening to tear filled accounts from staff members who “simply had to come to work” because they couldn’t deal with the devastation at home has been far worse than dealing with any piece of hardware.

But to see the truckloads of donations (water and other supplies) pouring in throughout each day reminds me of God’s grace and provision, and that regardless of the daily onslaught of negativity thrown at us from nearly everywhere we look, there trully is love, compassion, and beauty in the world.

The facility does not need these donations. Rather, it serves as a drop off point for groups such as The Red Cross.

Bring The Social Back To Social Media

To be completely honest with myself, I really miss “Social Media”. I simly don’t care for what the majority of it has evolved into – “Post Everyday About How Everyone Is Wrong About Everything Media”.

I get it. Everyone with a social media page has the right (within any given platform’s policies) to post as they see fit. I’m not trying to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do or say. Not my job.

But it all gets repetitive and quite frankly boring whenever I do look at it and the overwhelming majority is politics, protest, and condemnation. I commend Facebook for the “Hide All From”, “Unfollow”, and “Snooze” features – these things really help with the decluttering process. But the fact is algorithms and programs have no way to “fix” the true issue – human behavior.

Everyone has opinions, and everyone wants to be heard. My only wish is that those who are compelled to post daily and hourly about “hot button” topics would consider the word “social”. And to be honest, I started with myself some time ago with one simple thought to keep myself in check: “would I speak at length and in this manner if this were a party or family outing?” If my answer is “no”, or if I have to even give it more thought or consideration to arrive at the answer, I tend to not post.

Again, I’m not trying to “guilt” anyone, or try to tell anyone how to behave. I only wish we could bring the Social back to Social Media.

Just My Thoughts…