Must Have App – “Soundwave”

 Some time ago while doing my normal Google Plus socializing, I was asked by one of the devs of this app if I would be interested in beta testing. I asked “what is it?” and was told that it’s an app that lets you find music based on what people around you are listening to. Well, since I love music and I love apps, I said “sure!”
  I was pleasantly surprised from day 1! The UI is incredibly simple, but the app is packed with goodies for music lovers. You can follow people from all over the world who use the app and discover some really great music that you may not have heard otherwise. And the music you listen to is instantly shared – once installed and enabled, you don’t have to actually launch the app to share what you’re listening to. Just listen to your music as you normally do. When you launch the app and check out your own feed, you’ll see that whatever you have been listening to has been quietly shared in the background. Don’t want to always share what you’re listening to? The app of course allows you to turn sharing off – you can easily change your location and privacy settings.
 The app has a built in social aspect – it lets you follow profiles of people whose music you enjoy, and others follow you as well. Got a favorite song? Set it as your “Humdinger” to let the world know! Songs discovered can instantly be previewed, viewed on YouTube, streamed on SoundCloud and purchased directly from Google Play and 7Digital.
 I have discovered some GREAT music that I might not have ever heard thanks to Soundwave! If you love music as much as I do, it is a Must Have App!

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