It Will All (probably) Make Sense Soon

 If you have the Moto X, and if you are like me, you’re loving it. Smooth running, great battery life, etc. You may have also noticed that you got an “update” to an app you never installed and didn’t even know you had – Motorola Spotlight Player.

That’s because you didn’t have it. There was no associated app icon or widget. When I first saw it in my notification drawer, I chuckled a bit and thought it had something to do with the recent SOAK. But then I tapped on it and immediately realized that something entirely different was going on.

  As Android Central’s Jerry Hildenbrand puts it –

 “After installation (yes, you’ll install it, too) you have a new 1 x 1 widget and three new activities in the software. Tapping the widget will show you two of them — the page that tells you Motorola can’t wait to show you how all this works and that your Moto X loves you, and a page where you can opt in or out of the service — which Motorola swears will have no ads.”

   Some people have freaked out about this. I’m not one of them. Some hate when apps force install. Me, not so much when it’s an app that’s installed on a device I already love, from a trusted company. Sure, it may end up being lame, but I can opt out and uninstall if I think it is.

   So sit back and relax, fellow Moto X’ers, and wait until the 29th to see what this is all about (or, “aboot” for my Canadian family and friends!). From what I’ve seen from Motorola thus far when it comes to all things “X”, I’m banking on it being pretty awesome!


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