I Told Ya’ It Would Make Sense (sorta)!

Today, Moto X users found out what the seemingly force-installed Motorola Spotlight Player is all about in a fun-filled, interactive short titled “Windy Day“.
  This short was created by Jan Pinkava, co-director of Pixar’s “Ratatouille”. Simply put, a mouse discovers a pretty red hat and he simply HAS to have it. The only problem is the annoying gusts of wind that keep snatching it from his clutches – reminiscent of the squirrel from “Ice Age” chasing the acorn.
   And that’s where the fun comes in – you move your Moto X (and your whole body at times!) around to keep your view on the hat and the mouse, seeing all things around you in this make believe world as if you were there! 
    There’s all types of other woodland creatures, trees, and even a cool ending scene with a view from the sky.
   Overall, I think it’s a cool and interesting Easter Egg type surprise with plenty of future potential. Windy Day did get a bit, well, long-winded (it lasts for about 4 minutes) so I’m not sure if maybe making the experience a bit shorter would be more enjoyable. 
   But hey – I like goofy and fun things and this certainly falls into that category! So I say “Good job on this, Motorola!”
  If you’re a Moto X user, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below about Windy Day, and the whole idea behind Motorola Spotlight Player.

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