Roku Moves On To The Next Level

   As a Roku enthusiast, I am always excited about any new updates and/or news from them. As such, it was great to see this January 5th entry on the Roku blog. 
   There has been some negative chatter regarding this announcement – primarily aimed at Smart TVs in general. Most people gripe about how many Smart TVs can only operate using the OS installed on them with no other or very limited inputs allowed. So these people argue that they feel it’s better to simply purchase a “dumb” TV and hook up any external devices they want while still maintaining normal TV functionality. However, I personally like to take the “wait and see” approach to any new tech such as this. Maybe Roku has listened to some of this negative chatter and will take these concerns to the designers and manufacturers of the new sets. 
   Be sure to check out the full announcement, and feel free to share what you think about this move by Roku.

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