A Message To Developers: Flappy Bird Is Dead


   Some say that copying is the best form of flattery. You know you’ve done something really well when others try to be like you. However, I don’t think this is true in the case of application development.

   If we look at some of the powerhouse success stories like Facebook and Twitter as guidelines, and the countless other social media wannabes that have come and gone that have tried to copy them, it’s easy to see that in the tech world, copying is often a sad and pointless endeavor. Simply put – there is already a Facebook and a Twitter, and there will never be another social media outlet that will see the same successes they’ve enjoyed.

  True – there is my current personal choice, Google Plus, which has grown and continues to grow. But in all honesty, this can be attributed to the fact that it was created by an already established, thriving company – Google. But as for a from-nothing, ground zero start up social media site? Again, there will never be another such as Facebook or Twitter.

  A little while ago, the world was graced with a wildly successful and equally annoying little bird that flew threw Mario Brothers type pipes. There were many videos, jokes and postings. And then, its creator killed it. What has followed in subsequent weeks has been nothing short of pathetic in my opinion. When I visit the Play Store (which I do daily) I find countless Flappy Bird copy cats. With goofy names and often different main characters, these rip offs are nothing more than cheap copy cats. Are these being developed just for laughs? Just to have some sort of goofy fun? Maybe. But, even the joke has worn out long ago.

  Enough already.

  If you are a developer, or currently striving to become one, do us all a favor –

Make your own app. Be original. Flappy Bird Is Dead.


One thought on “A Message To Developers: Flappy Bird Is Dead

  1. In the Flappy Bird Game, i have made the game relatively simpler. And there are 2 modes: Easy and Hard. In the Easy mode, the forward speed of the balloon is slower, and the interval of the obstacles is longer, and you only get 1 score after going through 1 barrier. While in the Hard mode, the pace is increased and you will be rewarded 2 scores for each obstacle that you go through.


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