The Thrill Is Gone

A little over 2 years ago, I was still enthusiastic about tablets, while some grumblings began to surface about them. The most common being that tablets were becoming unnecessary baggage, being nothing more than oversized (and often underpowered) cell phones that can’t make phone calls. Ironically enough, when the first iPad launched, I had made the same observation.

But over time, I became smitten with Android tablets – specifically the “pure Android” experience from Google’s offerings. For me, it has always primarily been about screen size. Gaming is much more enjoyable for me on a larger screen than on my phone screen. And I seem to be more productive when using productivity tools on larger screens as well – specifically when working with spreadsheets.

And then along came Chromebook….

I was immediately hooked, using an Acer Chromebook. But Chromebook lacked Android app capability, which I like many others thought was a huge initial misstep on Google’s part. It’s been amazing watching so many schools adapting Chromebooks, and my daughter’s school soon followed suit. Thus, my trusty Acer became hers.

Then Google dropped a bombshell – Android apps were finally coming to Chromebook. “Not bad”, I thought, noting that the apps were very limited. All the while I had fallen in love with the Pixel C that I had purchased.

But I can’t lie to myself anymore. The truth is, even with its quality build, the Pixel C has come to feel like any other tablet to me. Moreover, like many other people, I can no longer see the point of even owning a tablet anymore. Even though I have been a supporter of the Windows Surface Pro, and honestly think it’s a great device, I’ve now arrived to the “meh” level when it comes to tablets. I’ve heard time and time again reports that tablet sales all around have nose-dived.

As such, with the anticipation of delivery of my ore-ordered Samsung Chromebook Plus, I believe that it’s finally time that I too bid a fond farewell to tablets. It’s been fun, but the thrill is gone .. 

How about you? Do you still heavily use a tablet, and/or intend to purchase a new one? Or have you moved as well?


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