Looking For Smart Home Security Cameras?

Recently, I’ve decided to move on to hubless devices for my smart home set-up. Not that there’s anything wrong with hubbed solutions in particular – rather, it was more of a challenge of curiosity to see if I could pull it off.

As such, I have some items for sell, starting with a Netgear Arlo Security System.

It includes the base hub and two cameras. But perhaps most importantly, I also include 16 rechargable batteries with charging station! Although the Arlo line gets perhaps the best battery life of all in its class, it still requires eventually buying new batteries and throwing away the old. Through some diligent searching, I finally found rechargable batteries and ordered extras along with the charging station.

Interested? Please place your bids below on eBay, or consider the “Buy It Now” option! I am also open to serious best offers as well.

Click here to bid


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