What Was I Thinking!!?

Have you ever rewatched a movie from way back when that you used to like or even love, only to ask yourself now, “what was I thinking!?”

Case in point, Pluto TV is currently running ’80’s movies back to back. Last night, I watched 1983’s Risky Business. Back in the day, I (like many others) thought this movie was great.

But after watching it last night (and I know I’m probably going to get some backlash for this) I realized that this movie is actually HORRIBLE!!

I know now why I liked it in ’83. I was a teenaged boy! Usually over the years, I will re-watch favorites from time to time, but I really hadn’t revisited this movie much until last night. As such, I was literally shocked by the fact that I even liked it before. Sure, it still has some good funny spots here and there. But overall, it was almost torturesome to sit through.

How about you? What movie have you rewatched that now makes you question younger you?


4 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking!!?

  1. So when our kids were little we thought it would be fun to watch the original Back to Future with them. I did not remember the language….yikes 😬. That was a very short this will be fun to running for the remote 😂


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