Google Pulls Some Reverse Psychology

Only a day ago, photos leaked of what was reported to be renderings of Google’s new Pixel 4 phone. Instead of riding out the storm, and let the leaks cascade day after day, leading up to the official press announcement, Google decided to pull a fast one on its Made By Google Twitter account:



Thus, unlike leaks of yesteryear (who can forget the leak storm for the Pixel 3 that eventually lead to rumors that Google was actually behind it all), Google has decided to turn the Leaker Community on its ear!

I for one am glad to see this, because I’m personally sick of Leak Media.


2 thoughts on “Google Pulls Some Reverse Psychology

    1. It has gotten old and way out of hand – “new iPhone leaks!” or “new Samsung leaks!”. There are entire websites and YouTube channels dedicated to leaks. So, Google said about this leak “Yep – here it is. Now watch your views drop”!! Lol


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