I Was Wrong About Facebook, And That’s A Good Thing!

In May, I wrote the piece Make Facebook Great Again, in which I pointed out that it would be great for users who have grown weary of Facebook’s general “news” feed to still have a way to use Facebook’s useful services independently.

I pointed out that, of these services, the one that would be particularly useful to me would be one for Events. I had said that Facebook’s app Local was not entirely fitting as (I thought) it’s only for pointing out local events in your area.

As it turns out, I was wrong. Fortunately, Local does just that – all of the events your family and friends have organized through Facebook, local events, as well as events organized by groups and organizations you follow or are a part of. All there! There’s also a local guide, a list of places you’ve been, a full calendar, as well as a section for you to provide recommendations to others.

Simply put, it’s a full functioning event planner and calendar!

Those of you already aware of this may say to me, “well, duh!” And I deserve it.

Love it or hate it, chances are most or all of your family and friends use Facebook for event planning – some use it exclusively. If you don’t want to miss such events, but also don’t care for the general feed of the Facebook app, check out Local for Android and iOS.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to use the regular Facebook app to use Local. Like Messenger, you only need a username and password. Thus, conceivably, you can use these two Facebook services without ever seeing the general feed.

As for this mistake, I give myself a Fred Sanford – “You big dummy!”


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