Must Have App – Dinamotxt Web and Tablet SMS

It didn’t take long for me to notice since my first tablet purchase (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) that I spend more time on my tablet than I do my cell phone. In fact, over time, my cell phone has become more of what it was originally created to be – a phone.

 As such, over the past couple of years I’ve always wanted a way to be able to send and receive text messages from my primary device of choice – my tablet. Especially on those nights when I’m reading something on my tablet or playing a game. If I get a text message, I want to be able to simply view it and respond to it from my tablet. Not that I’m simply that lazy. It’s really my linear way of thinking – I like things simple and streamlined.

 I know – First World Problem, right?

 Well apparently I’m not the only one who thinks along these lines as there are plenty of apps out there that will help facilitate this. Some are a bit quirky in my opinion. They require you to register and receive a randomly generated phone number that you now have to tell everyone you know about. For those types of apps, typically there is a free version that will generate you a different number over time, or you can buy a paid version to keep the original randomly generated number.

 Nah….not what I was looking for.

 Through trial and error over time, I did settle originally on Mighty Text. Mighty Text did exactly what I needed – allowed me to send/receive texts from my tablet using my cell phone number, and I could even send/receive from any desktop computer! However it seemed as though, as time passed, that Mighty Text got slower and slower with sending and receiving messages. And, as of late, it simply no longer seemed to function.

 Then I found Dinamotxt, and have not turned back! Dinamotxt offers exactly what I need – sending/receiving texts using my tablet while using my same cell phone number. Dinamotxt also offers the ability to send/receive via desktop like many others, but I’ve found it to be very slow when initially loading. But, I was only looking to use it for tablet texting anyway.

 Perhaps my favorite thing about Dinamotxt is that it’s very fast! My phone and tablet send/receive text messages literally within a second of one another!

 Add to that the PopUp feature – you can enable incoming text messages to open in a small pop up window from which you can respond – and customizable theme!

 Yes there are countless other apps of its kind out there. Please feel free to let me know your favorite and I’ll give it a try! In the meantime, it you’re looking for a way to text via your tablet, I recommend Dinamotxt Web and Tablet SMS.

Download Dinamotxt Web and Tablet SMS from Play


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