Must Have App – Thuuz Sports

   I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a sports fanatic, but I love NFL football and MLB (Cincinnati Reds!). As I’m sure is the case for a lot of you, I don’t always have time to be plopped down on the couch watching games but I would like to know what’s going on – especially with my favorite teams.

I’ve used the ESPN Sports Center app and have been, quite frankly, thoroughly disappointed. Recently, the NFL launched their new app – this proved to be lack luster in my opinion as well.

               So my search was on for a clean, reliable sports app. What I found was Thuuz Sports. First and foremost, Thuuz offers one thing I’m always looking for in an app of its type – a clean, well-organized and intuitive UI. Thuuz is simple and to the point. Notifications are extremely easy to customize, as well as selecting which teams you would like to be notified about individually. And if you play fantasy football or baseball on any of the major platforms, Thuuz helps you track when your players are having great performances and when is the right time to tune in and see a great performance. Thuuz will even let you know if your players get injured.
  Other features included:
 My sports TV guide: Check in to see what’s on TV right now
 My on-the-go sports alerts: Know what’s going on when you’re not in front of the TV
 My Fantasy tracker: Get alerts when your players are going off or are injured
 My buddy system: Check in to a game and alert all of your friends to what’s going on
 My time saver: Life getting busy? Use Thuuz to optimize your sports viewing time
               And according to the developers, more is on the way!
    I think Thuuz Sports is a must have app for whatever level of sport fan you may be. Check it out and as always, if you feel you know of a better app of its kind please feel free to let me know!

Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store

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