To do or not to do. That is the task…

  I’m going to start this post off in the most cliche’, worn-out way possible by saying:

Let’s face it. We’re all busy. We all have hectic lives with busy schedules, especially those of us with kids. From work to soccer practice(s) to PTA meetings(s) – our lives are so jam packed with activities that we often find ourselves wishing for at least 2 more hours in the day just to get it all done.

 Fact is, we all feel that way at some point, don’t we? So we have to find ways to stay organized, on time and on task. As for me, I’m a calendar junkie. My Google Calendar is packed with monthly recurring events (bills, automatic withdrawals), appointments, meetings and simple to-do’s.

 Which brings me to my question – do you use To-Do or Task Management apps like EvernoteTodoist, or GTasks?

 Over time, I have tried each of those 3 apps only to find myself ignoring them over time in favor of Google Calendar. Don’t get me wrong – each of the 3 task management apps I mentioned are awesome in their own right – from the over-all completeness of Evernote, to the simplicity of GTasks. But the funny thing I’ve always been faced with – these apps aren’t really doing anything that I can’t accomplish by simply using my calendar. A quick reminder? Just jot it on my calendar – it has reminders enabled by default anyway. A recurring event? Calendar. Meetings? Calendar. Appointments? Calendar. But what about associating a document or file to a reminder? Yep, you guessed it – calendar.

 I would be lying if I failed to mention that I don’t use calendar exclusively for organizing notes and tasks, or general day-to-day what not. For those types of things, I simply use Google Keep. But my question is really this – why download and use yet another application just to keep track of my “busy life” when I already have one? And isn’t adding another thing to have to log into and keep track of only simply adding to the chaos, even if only in a minuscule way?

 The fact is, everyone’s lives and experiences are different, thus everyone approaches handling things differently. I personally always try to find the most simplistic, organized way to keep it all together. The less I can add to my plate in an attempt to keep the kitchen organized the better. My mind functions on this logic – why have 2 or more apps to accomplish what I can do (and have been doing) in 1?

 Or maybe I’m just not busy. At least not as busy as some of you. But every day, week, and month when I look at my calendar I sometimes feel like I’m looking at a map of a foreign land through the eyes of a general preparing for battle, and I sigh… But could it be that I’m really not that busy? Could it be that you’re really not that busy to warrant using a task manager app?

 Could it be that we all only think that we’re busier than we actually are? When discussing this with a close friend, he said to me, “No one is as busy as they think they are.”


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