Roku Channel Review – Newsy

   When making the decision to Cut The Cord, one concern that you may have (as did I) is staying informed. Local news outlets are generally easy to stay connected with by way of a variety of HD Antennas, but what about national or international news?

   For the most part, many of the major players – Fox, NBC, CBS, etc. – have Roku News channels. But these channels are specific to their reporting only. This is fine and all if you’re the type who tends to stick with one news outlet only as your trusted source of information. But if you’re like me, you may want something that’s a little broader in scope that offers different angles from multiple sources. For that approach to the news, I personally like Newsy.

   Newsy is a multi-source video news service that analyzes world news and produces 2-to 3-minute, streaming video clips. Newsy compares how multiple news outlets from around the world (e.g. The New York Times, France 24, NDTV, Xinhua, Fox News Channel, The Guardian, and cover the day’s events for people who want to stay up to date, but don’t have the time to seek out multiple sources on their own. Newsy’s approach embodies a basic principle of comparative journalism: asking the same question to multiple sources and comparing their answers. Thus many of the news clips Newsy presents will have articles, videos, and/or interviews from multiple news sources.

   These news clips are delivered on Newsy by its staff of anchors in a fashion we are all accustomed to seeing. The news reports are delivered clean and polished on a daily basis.

   One thing that I enjoy about Newsy’s news delivery platform and its anchoring staff is that there is no personal bias or commentary involved, or any debating. Newsy simply delivers the news, and the fact that they draw from multiple sources helps keep any bias, rather perceived or actual, to a minimum or non-existent at all. This is how I personally enjoy my news overall, which is why I’ve never been one to be solely loyal to one news outlet.

   The Newsy main screen is set up in simple fashion by category – World, U.S., Politics, Business, Tech, Entertainment, Sci/Health, and Sports. Each category allows you to pick individual stories that may interest you, or simply select “View All” and Newsy will play all stories within the category.
   Newsy does not offer every single possible news story of the day. Rather, it covers the major headlines of the day per category. This works well for people like me who like to stay informed about the major topics of the day but without having to sit through hours and hours of newscasts. 
   The one thing that is missing from Newsy that I would like to see is weather. Of course this could simply be a general, national forecast –  I wouldn’t expect them to deliver every single forecast for every single local market. But overall, Newsy has been my go-to source for news headlines on Roku.
   Got a favorite news source on your Roku or other streaming device? Please feel free to share in comments!


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