Remember When?

 The cell phone has certainly evolved by literal leaps and bounds over the years. It’s interesting to remember that only a few years ago a phone was judged by its call quality, whereas nowadays even the slightest pixelation in a picture can land a phone in the “meh” column at best.

Often I like to browse the Google Play Store for no particular reason – simply just to see if anything interesting catches my eye. It’s always surprising to me that there are still many MP3 -to-ringtone apps out there. Which brings me to my Remember When? question of the day –

Remember when having a song as one’s ringtone was  a HUGE  fad? I certainly was swept up in the moment myself, changing my ringtone song to whatever my favorite hit of the week was!

But as a follow-up question, considering there are so many apps out there that still accomplish this, do you still use a song as your ringtone? Or do you still hear them during your day-to-day? I personally haven’t heard one in many years.


2 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. Oh yeah. I never stopped having different songs as my ringtone and notification. I usually keep a few of my favorites on Google Drive so that whenever I get a new phone, or have to factory reset for whatever reason, I just download them again. However, because I have a smartwatch where I get my phone notifications these days, I rarely have my phone volume up, especially at work.

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    1. That’s awesome! It seems that the closest I ever hear is when people use the preloaded snippets on their phones.


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