(More) Proof That Apple Can Get Way With Anything

Many Android faithful watched in awe as tech reviewer after tech reviewer posted countless videos and articles about screen issues affecting Google’s Pixel 2 XL.

Some even went so far to proclaim they would never buy another phone from Google because of these reviews. There was even a article referencing a particular law firm and a possible class action lawsuit against Google.

But thankfully, amongst the gossip-filled chatter, there were still many level heads trying to point out that the OLED display characteristics seen on the Pixel 2 XL were in fact nothing new, and certainly not Google’s “fault”. Unfortunately, these level headed voices seemed all but drowned out by the Google bashing….

Then, Apple released the iPhone X. Same type of display. Same type of display characteristics. The only difference? The lack of bashing that Google had endured. And it would appear that Apple will once again get a pass on it – https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2017/11/03/iphone-x-oled-burn-in-color-shifting/amp/


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