Protect Your New P2XL Screen With Tempered Glass From MoKo – UPDATED

Unfortunate Update

Sad to report that day 2 didn’t go so well. After I finished writing this post, I applied my Spigeon case for normal day to day use. After typical in and out of pocket usage, I noticed the screen response getting worse and worse. I also noticed a “popping” sound, as this protector was slowly but surely peeling away from the screen.

Could it be that this is still actually a great screen protector, but just didn’t play well with the Spigeon case? Perhaps. But what good is a screen protector if it doesn’t hold up well with a user’s case of choice?

In either case, I previously mentioned, I have a second protector arriving soon from DMax Armor and will provide a review of that one. Stay tuned!
I’ve seen a lot of questions about tempered glass screen protectors for the P2XL. Problem thus far is that it’s hard to trust many reviews that are out (I’ve seen some 5 star reviews that were posted before the phone was even released).

So I ordered 2 different protectors. This one arrived today. One of the reasons I chose this one was because there are currently no reviews. Also, over the years I’ve ordered cases from MoKo and have always been satisfied with them.

This applied quickly and easily. All cut outs are perfectly positioned. It’s also curved to better fit the contour of the screen. One complaint that I’ve seen with other screen protectors is that there seems to be adhesive only around the edges, so people have commented that they peel off easily or dust collects under the edges. This protector has adhesive throughout that MoKo says can be easily cleaned off the screen if removed. Touch response is excellent. There is a bit of a reflective glare when the screen is black, but it truly doesn’t bother me.

This is day 1! I’ll follow up over time and keep you all posted!

Here’s the Amazon link if you’re interested –

MoKo Goolge Pixel 2 XL Screen Protector Glass,[3D Curved Edge][Scratch Terminator] Ultra Clear 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film for Goolge Pixel 2 XL 2017, Black



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