SiliconDust’s Game Changer

Well fellow Cord Cutters, it looks like there may be yet another option on the block – especially for those of us who already own compatible devices.

I happened upon this while checking into other settings and such on my setup. Sites such as cordcutters seem to suggest it’s already available on devices such as my HDHomeRun Extend, yet as you see here SiliconDust still lists it as “Coming Soon”.

In either case, this could be a huge game changer for me, especially if these channels will work through Plex Media Server as SiliconDust hints that “it should”. Not to mention, if this channel lineup stands, this offering threatens the likes of YouTube Tv and philo, as it includes such heavily demanded channels such as Hallmark (which is notably missing from YouTube TV and philo alike), and HGTV.

I’m going to continue to check for the firmware update, and as soon as it drops I will subscribe and provide a review.

UPDATE: I checked for firmware update this morning (8/18/2018) and Firmware Version 20180817 was available. Upon applying this update, the Demo Channels are now available! However, they only appear to be available via the HDHomerun Beta app (Android) as well as through the HDHR Viewer 2 plug in for Plex. 

Stay tuned, because it appears SiliconDust will be rolling out the full service soon!


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