HDHomerun Premium TV Is Now Live! However….

The HDHomeRun Premium TV feature is now live. I have signed up for the service ($35/month beats the socks off of what I’m paying for PS View at the moment!).
However, Plex will not show these channels (yet?)

To be clear, under Server Settings > Live TV & DVR the channels are listed there under Device Channels, but not under Guide Channels. If I check each of them off under Device Channels and then Save, unsurprisingly they still do not show up for viewing.

As was the case previously when trying to view HDHomeRun channels before Plex made viewing more robust, the trusty plugin HDHR Viewer 2 plays ALL of these new channels just fine! So for those of you you may have signed up for this new service from Silicon Dust, please note that all of the new channels currently work PERFECTLY through the HDHR Viewer 2 plug in.

Hopefully, Plex will get this straitened out soon (which I’m confident they will!)
Unless of course, I’m missing something – anyone else tried this out yet and have actually gotten Plex to play these new channels natively?


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