For The Love Of Music

Like pretty much every form of music, there will always be a special place in my heart for Disco. In fact, I’ll never understand dismissive behavior of music of any kind by  purists in general.

Thing is, when I listen to classics like this one from The Brothers Gibb (better known as The Bee Gees), I hear a perfected arrangement with beautifully crafted orchestration.

Speaking of which, it’s almost sad to me that The Bee Gees will always be remembered for this because the fact is the sheer volume of music these boys wrote and produced is quite frankly mind blowing! Even well before they reached the “Saturday Night Fever” point in history.

But I digress… I’m just thankful that I was born with the gift of being able to appreciate and truly enjoy great music with being bound by the constraints of so-called “real music” rules. There is so much great music to be missed by living under those rules.


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