YouTube TV Adds To The Doubt About Cord Cutting

An audible “gasp!” could be heard across the Cord Cutting universe as YouTube TV announced it will be joining the $50 per month club. One by one, it seems more streaming services are hiking prices nearly to the point where some would consider simply keeping their cable or satellite service.

As I’ve tried to be clear over the years, it is important to remember that Cord Cutting may not be the cost effective alternative for everyone, primarily because everyone’s viewing needs are different.

But what if you are serious about Cutting The Cord in order to save some cash, yet still want to retain some of your favorite cable channels? I’m always asked for recommendations, so in light of YouTube’s hike, what service would I choose for the budget conscious?

You’re in luck, because such a service still exists! How does $16 per month for 45 channels, with unlimited recording and available on all of your devices sound?

Check out Philo ! Not only is it budget friendly, I often recommend it as a “get your feet wet” experience for many first-time Cord Cutters. As with all streaming services, Philo of course may not offer every channel that you may want, and there is a notable lack of any sports content. But for $16 per month, it is definitely worth considering in the current climate of streaming providers edging more and more toward cable subscription pricing models.




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