For The Least – Part 1: The Missionaries

I first connected with Jeff Jones several years ago through a men’s adoption support group on Facebook. A group discussion lead to a friend request, which lead to direct conversations through which we learned we shared similar passions about foster care and adoption. Although we stayed in contact, I did not actually meet Jeff and his wife Kristina in person until March of this year. This episode was recorded where Jeff and Kristina currently serve and live – The Father’s House located in Hamilton Ohio. The Father’s House is a former orphanage which began in 1869 as a home for orphans of the Civil War. The estate is a 2.8 acre lot with a 25-room mansion and several outbuildings. When fully restored, it will be a thriving community of families committed to fostering and adopting, and an active center for advocacy and support for others doing the same. We decided to sit in one of the front formal rooms of the mansion – a beautiful open space with massive arching windows and doorways. You can hear the acoustics as we speak. You can also hear the love and passion that this wonderful husband and wife have for The Least. Meet Jeff and Kristina Jones.

For The Least – Part 1: The Missionaries


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