Honored & Proud

Master Sargent Elliot Dangerfield

On June 11th, 2021 I had the honor of witnessing the retirement ceremony for my nephew, Master Sargent Elliot Dangerfield. I am proud beyond words of all he has accomplished as a man of God, husband, father, and defender of our freedoms through 22 years of humble sacrifice.

The ceremony, held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, was a truly inspiring experience.

National Museum of the Marine Corps

There were those who spoke of Elliot’s service time in the corps, as well as his time to speak in which he thanked family and friends. This all culminated with a flag being presented to him by fellow Marines. But for me, one of the greatest “lump in my throat” moments came when he was relieved of “The Watch”. If you have never experienced this, my hope is that someday you can – it’s really moving (either that, or I am just a big sap!)

I want to send out my deepest heartfelt thanks to Elliot for his time actively serving our country, and to let him know how proud I am of him. Also, a huge thanks goes to his wife Leticia, as well as their children, for supporting him through all these years. I love you all, and can’t wait to see the amazing things God has in store for you!


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